Improve your sales and recruitment tactics by understanding the labor market!

Oxojob Business is a web interface that gives access in real time to all the jobs that are posted in Sweden as soon as they are appear. The interface is optimized to enable immediate contact by telephone or email of the contact person for each add.

Market Skills Dashboard


Oxojob Business displays the information in a dashboard with all jobs on the market at a certain moment and provides trend analyses on:

  • Number of jobs on the market right now for each skill
  • When is the best timing to launch a job-ad with that specific skill
  • Trends for each skill on the market, what is hot and what is cold
  • Top competitors recruiting each skill
  • Top recruitment companies for each skill
  • Which media channels are most used for each skill


Why Oxojob Business is different than other job sites?

Updated 24/7

New job adds are added into the interface no later than 2 hours after they were posted on other sources. 
1000+ sources of information

There are approximately 1000 sources scanned everyday. The information on skills and competences is regrouped for consistency reasons and to allow maximum accuracy in the search process.
Manually cleaned data

The adds are manually cleaned as they are scanned and indexed so that the skills, education and position are correctly mapped with the Clintelica information structure and displayed in an accurate manner.They are matched with the company organization number for both the hiring company and the recruitment company, where they are posted. 
No duplicates

The adds are checked for duplicates so that an add is not listed more than once.