The cornerstone of any good product is a bright idea.

Some of these features have been the basis of the final product, others came as a natural evolution.
Either way, the resulting package is bound to make your life easier in delivering an extraordinary client experience.


_ delivers hot new leads
_ monitors & alerts for new relevant contacts
_ learns what you need and suggests potential clients accordingly

As a natural addition to the Networking Management System, the Watchlist feature is actually the intelligence that understands what you need, refines your searches based on your actions and suggests relevant clients that you could have otherwise overlooked.

Most appreciated by our clients, the feature basically means that after you create several Watchlists for people or types of companies you want to reach, the system will alert you and send new leads as soon as they enter the network.

NQ Score

_ defines Network Intelligence
_ gives a comprehensive understanding of one’s network
_ reveals how one’s network relates to the company’s interests

The Network Intelligence Score is a feature designed to help you understand the true value of networking.

Based on the number of contacts, the true reach of the network, the way the contacts are spread across countries, activities and other criteria, the NQ Score gives comprehensive information on how well the employees are connected.

More than this, the NQ Score also shows relevant statistics as to how the personal networks of employees relate to the company’s interests. In a nutshell, the NQ Score becomes a benchmark for Sales and HR.


_ allows your clients to share their satisfaction on social networks
_ takes market research into a whole new dimension
_ takes your brand at the top of the best kind of recommendations: user generated, positive and viral

Feedback is good for improving your client relationships, instant feedback is great for spotting unsatisfied clients and solving their problems immediately, but positive feedback is an incredibly powerful tool, if you give your respondents the option to share it on social networks.

SatShare enables your clients to share their satisfaction on social networks, taking the market research into a whole new dimension. Considering that on average, a social connected person has around 500 connections, the resulting pool of people your brand could reach in this simple way is huge.