Get instant feedback from your clients and act on it!

Client feedback is great if you want to better understand and improve your business relationships.

But instant feedback is essential if you want to find out if you have unsatisfied clients before they decide to leave.

In fact, each time you’re instantly solving a problem for an unsatisfied client, you’re creating a promoter for your brand.

Our Feedback Management can set up forms to be automatically sent after any kind of interactions with your customers (quotations, project meetings, invoices, etc). Basically, your Key Account Managers or Sales people can go set up everything Feedback – related within a very comprehensive Dashboard.

Users can follow up on dissatisfied clients, can deal with red alerts generated automatically in case of negative feedback and they can also set up multilevel reporting, if needed.

More than this, the Feedback System intelligently deals with unsolved red alerts by taking them one level up in the employee chain and also gives satisfied clients the option to share their satisfaction level on social networks.

SatShare is a patent-pending feature that is also able to shift company budgets from marketing to market research. The main logic behind this approach is that if, for example, 100 clients share their satisfaction levels on social networks, they virtually recommend that particular brand to an estimated 50.000 people.

_use feedback to improve relationships with clients
_deal with issues now and never lose another client