The most networked CRM application available now.

Step into the intelligent CRM world by taking advantage of Newsfeed.

_ stay up to date with all that’s happening in your team
_ keep track of all information on specific companies or topics
_ interact & solve problems instantly
Newsfeed acts like a homepage for your company’s CRM system and pushes relevant information to the user based on settings and rights. Forget about endlessly searching huge amounts of data and stay up to date with everything that’s really relevant to your workflow! With our application, you are always on top of client issues. Read more below about some of the most important features that we offer:
Companies, contacts & tasks

Stay organized and use the link to the Network Management to add contacts directly into the CRM as tasks. Outlook Synchronization of Tasks.
Information sharing

Save time and communicate seamlessly with team members on all business related topics. Share information and interact in a friendly dashboard.
Sales Management

Comprehensive package which allows impeccable Sales Management, from the initial contact to reports & charts and even client feedback.
Documents management

Whether you’re talking about an offer or a contract, use this essential feature to keep track of any important information on each and every client or account.
Electronic signature

Save time by electronically signing contracts. Just upload the agreements, fill in the recipient e-mails and click send.
Seamless Integration

The Network, CRM and Feedback modules are integrated so that you can deliver the best customer experience.

Find out what’s happening in your company in real time and interact with other team members with comments and likes. Post updates in the CRM directly, and also use the option to share your status on Social Networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) as well.