• What Would You Do If You Had Access to All Companies in a Country?

    We’ve always focused on lead generation, and attaching the most innovative and powerful networking module in the world (Patent Approved) to our CRM has opened new business not only for our clients, but also for us.

    We’ve seen the efficiency of sales calls increasing exponentially, we’ve seen companies using the Feedback Module going for the Networking Module as well, and we’ve also seen our clients enjoying the powerful benefits of the Twin Client Analysis feature which generates new leads based on the existing clients.

    Well, now we’ve gone a step further for our clients and integrated in the CRM access to the full list of companies from Sweden (1,4 million companies) and from Romania (610.000 companies).

    Basically, this means that the Twin Client Analysis will be able to generate more relevant leads and more relevant connections to those prospect clients.

    Stay tuned for more news about future developments.


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  • Clintelica, One of the 3 Best Innovations in the Cloud

    “Congratulations, your contribution is one of the three that we nominated to present and also take home one of the slots 1, 2 or 3 in the Swedish Innovation in the Cloud.”

    By our standards, that’s not exactly a bad way to start the day.

    In short, we are thrilled to find out that the basic idea behind all the work we do here at www.clintelica.eu is gaining traction: reinventing the way sales are made is not an easy task, but we have always felt that as long you aim for the impossible, great things stand to happen.

    Basically, Cloud Camp is an unconference (a term usually associated to a wide range of participant-driven gatherings that try to avoid one or more aspects of a conventional conference). Originally started in the US, the Cloud Camp concept is now spread widely around the globe and is becoming a global meeting point for all people interested in Cloud Computing.

    It seems that over 20 contributions went into the last phase and the idea behind the Clintelica application ended up as one of the top 3 that will be presented during the event. The focus of the jury was on innovation and on the best ways to use the cloud. You can read more about the nominees here.

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