• Who’s Afraid of Losing Privacy?

    Privacy is a hot topic again these days.

    Twitter has acknowledged that after iPhone users opt to have the app search their contact list, the company stores names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers on its servers for 18 months.

    Google made Wall Street Journal’s front page on Friday, after journalists finding out that a secret code in it’s ads tricked “Apple’s Safari web-browsing software” into allowing Google to monitor what iPhone users were doing on the internet. The search giant disabled the code after receiving a call from the WSJ.

    And NYTimes.com publishes here an extensive feature on how companies learn your secrets.

    Don’t panic

    Now, before panicking, let’s take five minutes to consider some facts, in order to look at the whole picture… 

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  • The (Social Media) World We Live In…

    …looks like this…

    …and like this:

    (ok, things might have grown a bit in the last 2 months, but still…)

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  • Meanwhile, in Social Networks…

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  • Basic Instinct in Social Networks

    You might have heard by now, there’s a new very successful app out there.

    It’s called Post Secret and, like most successful ideas, it’s mindbogglingly simple. It’s so simple, in fact, it makes you laugh. Basically, what you do after downloading the app is you anonymously post secrets, share them with the world, discover secrets from other people and interact with them. Why didn’t you think of that?

    But, more importantly, what makes a social network idea successful? What’s the thing that separates the winners from the losers in this ocean of chatter about Social Media, Social Networks and all apps that get born, grow or die each and every day?

    Some say it’s all a matter of luck. Others say it’s all about having a bright idea at the right moment and amongst the right people. But aside from all this, I think Social Networking ideas that really make it are those that tap into basic human emotions.

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  • Proliphiq – Yet Another Social Media Platform

    Being we are who we are, it’s only fair that each time a new social media platform is launched, we immediately go for the early adopter strategy of digging in with both hands.

    These days, Proliphiq is out. At least, a beta-test. By all accounts, this is a new social media tool that wants not only to provide credible sources of news and information to the users, but eventually to become such a source in itself. Basically, from what we understand, all users within the network will be empowered to follow friends, scroll through topics most popular on the platform, create “saved sets” of people or topics, interact, review and rate other users.

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