• Taking Network CRM into Web 3.0 and beyond

    Whether you work in media, programming, Wall Street or, for that matter, anywhere else, you might have noticed that our collective ability to create information exceeds our ability to manage it. There are trillions of web pages out there and the number is increasing exponentially, with every new tweet, Facebook status update, blog or concept that gets invented. And even though you might have been blessed with a very structured mind, when becoming aware of this huge amount of information, your brain will immediately perceive it’s huge potential, but it will also be left with no tools to manage it.

    Now. If Web 1.0 was all about desktop computing, pre-networks and limited to e-mail, documents, spreadsheets, images and video, then Web 2.0 took things to the next level, delivering networking through websites and applications (social networks with comments, blogs, youtube and instant interactions). And it’s all fine, up until the point where you start realizing that all these two way interactions and all the user generated content essentially translate into huge amounts of data that first of all needs to be stored and then it needs to be accessed.

    Obviously, there is a parallel to be seen here regarding CRM Systems which have developed according to the Web itself. If at first we had desktop CRM systems to deal with, we can now enjoy the benefits of Cloud systems that are far more engaging and user friendly.

    Sadly, the problems and implications regarding the amount of data and the access to information are practically the same in both cases. And looking ahead at Web 3.0 (happening now), Web 4.0 (in about 4-5 years) and beyond is, of course, the only hope for CRM Systems as well…

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  • Newsfeed Is Here

    Our platform just got a whole lot better, with the introduction of Newsfeed.

    One small step for Clintelica, one huge step for CRM programs, one of our clients said today, while checking out the latest feature we’ve implemented to our application.

    What’s the story behind it? Simple.

    Basically, CRM Systems make a company work because they are able to store, process, deal and do whatever it takes with a huge amount of information. The integration of such a system with a Networking Module (described here) is already changing the way people react and think about Sales as a company strategy, but because we’re the kind of natural born tweakers (tweaking =  constantly improving) that never stop, we’ve come up with Newsfeed and implemented it to our Network CRM application.

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