• How to use personal networks for efficient HR

    Recruiting is a time consuming and expensive business.

    Companies have always looked at the personal networks of employees in order to find new candidates, but they haven’t quite been able to access these networks in an efficient way.

    What if there was a way of gathering the overall social networking and address book contacts of all employees into one… virtual environment? Would that work better for HR departments? Our theory says yes.

    If we start with the statistically demonstrated fact that each employee nowadays has, on average, 600 friends and business partners (Facebook, LinkedIn, Address Book, etc), then a company of 100 employees will have at least 50.000 contacts.

    Accessing and understanding these 50.000 contacts makes the recruiting process much easier and the best thing about hiring people through these networks is that you deal with references from people within the company that you actually trust.

    Check out our latest Infographic below or on visual.ly to understand better how it works.

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  • Better Social Networking, Better Recruitment

    It was inevitable, really: companies rely more and more on Social Networking for HR purposes.

    OK, LinkedIn was already heavily used by HR departments for the recruitment effort. But now it looks like everyone is becoming aware that LinkedIn is not the only tool that can help companies hire the right people for the right position.

    According to a study by Potentialpark, it seems that LinkedIn is, of course, viewed as the online resource for career-related networking, but companies seem to want to go a step further than relying only on this kind of self-advertising before hiring people. Facebook is gaining weight in the decision making process, “because that’s where most of the visible interaction happens”.

    Aside from the fact that on Facebook people are more open, honest and likely to interact, the findings of the study reveal that our strongest belief is the trend to follow: networking is not only the biggest and most important tool for sales people, social networking is also becoming a must for HR departments if they want to work in high quality recruitment.

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