• Your Brain Feeds on Internet

    It’s true.

    It’s happening.

    And it seems the best thing you can do is delay the moment when it will consume you.

    Basically, if you’re to believe what scientists say, we’re living a time when it’s both good and bad to be an “early adopter” concerning new technologies & internet. It’s good because you can fit in more easily, find a job or manage to hold one, but it’s bad because internet & new technologies addictions can take you out of your real life, one inch at a time.

    I remember reading a while back a study in The New York Times about kids nowadays. They have trouble reading a book from cover to cover because their brains are now used to sipping essential information from 10 internet windows at a time in 30 seconds, after which they get bored and move on to the next activity. Basically, the attention span of kids used to internet browsing is so small, they find it boring to follow & read the same trail of thought in a book for several minutes, so they just give up and move on.

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  • Introducing Clintelica to the World

    We all know social networks. Be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, MySpace or Google+, if you’ve managed to use Internet long enough to have your own e-mail account, then you’re bound to have been touched by the wonders of social media in one way or another.

    I’m sure back in 2004 or 2005, when people started receiving countless e-mails with “Someone invited you to join Facebook” in the Subject line, no one actually clicked yes until “the someone” turned out to be some long lost love from high school. In fact, since social networking was invented, you have increased the time you spend online, on average, with an hour a day, you have increased your chances of getting a job by 30% and you have given in to your voyeuristic instincts… totally. That’s only a guess, of course.

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