• Taking Business Networks Into The Next Web

    If you’re a sales person, chances are you’re already active member of a business network like BNI or Arndt’s.

    Cold calling is time consuming, inefficient and totally demotivating, so attending meetings where you meet new people and exchange contacts with members from different industries is certainly a much more efficient sales strategy.

    We’re now taking these networks to the next level, by giving members the possibility to access information in Clintelica’s Online BizNet Environment.

    Members of a group will now be able to

    - browse through a huge database of contacts

    - search for people by name, position or company

    - save searches as Watchlists in order to constantly monitor for new clients and be alerted as soon as new prospects that fit their search patterns enter the network.

    This is how it works:

    What do you think?

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  • Strength in Network Numbers

    Socializing as a Group

    When people first find out about Clintelica and our focus on networking, one of the first reactions we get is “Oh, so you’re a kind of LinkedIn, aren’t you?”. Well, NO.

    Until we define our under construction FAQ section, let’s make it clear here and now.

    Clintelica’s philosophy, the basic idea behind our patent pending solution and our main goal is to increase and properly use the overall connections of a group of people. While social media / networking as we know it so far is about the individual, Clintelica’s networking approach is all about the group.

    Be it companies, departments, alumni classes, business networks or simply groups of people that share a common interest, we can connect not only the individuals within each group, but also each individual to the group’s overall connections. The resulting potential reach increases exponentially with each new individual.

    We’re in the Army Now

    Now, if Clintelica works for companies, then it most definitely can work for BizNet’s as well. But if it works for Business Networks, then it will certainly work for any network.

    We are now in a beta test phase with the fine people that have served in the Swedish Navy. We’re talking here about at least 5.000 people, ex-Marines, who have been through the same stuff. These are people who obviously have great respect for the job, for each other, and who will from now on have the possibility to get interconnected based on the fact that they went through the same military education.

    By all accounts, getting these people connected through the Clintelica application will create a network of about 2 million people, accessible to any of the members in two or maximum three steps.

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  • Clintelica Updates: Features to Come

    Innovation doesn’t come cheap, and it looks like the most valuable resource you have to use in order to find truly great ideas is… time. Work time, that is, of course.

    As copyblogger argues here, the process might just be as important as the end result.

    So, while we think of ideas to make our application better and better, some end up with our development department. This month, it looks like we’re working on three major updates concerning both the Networking and CRM modules.

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