• CRM Software on TV

    It was inevitable, really.

    Just like CRM shifted from desktop applications to cloud a few years back, following an online trend which opened doors for huge growth in the next years, CRM analysts are now following the online in delivering their content on videos rather than text, images, infographics or presentations.

    We’ve just stumbled upon CRMSoftware.TV, a comprehensive platform which brings in one place all the CRM software-related videos. Basically, here you can find out what CRM is all about, what are the differences between a sales force automation system and a full Customer Relationship Management software and, best of all, you can get up-to-date with most relevant CRM solutions available and decide which one suits your needs best, based on user friendly reviews.

    Be sure to browse through all sections of the website, if you’re into CRM then it will give you a strong feeling you’re finally on the right tube. We’ve been there and we’ve also left our mark. See it here.


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  • What Would You Do If You Had Access to All Companies in a Country?

    We’ve always focused on lead generation, and attaching the most innovative and powerful networking module in the world (Patent Approved) to our CRM has opened new business not only for our clients, but also for us.

    We’ve seen the efficiency of sales calls increasing exponentially, we’ve seen companies using the Feedback Module going for the Networking Module as well, and we’ve also seen our clients enjoying the powerful benefits of the Twin Client Analysis feature which generates new leads based on the existing clients.

    Well, now we’ve gone a step further for our clients and integrated in the CRM access to the full list of companies from Sweden (1,4 million companies) and from Romania (610.000 companies).

    Basically, this means that the Twin Client Analysis will be able to generate more relevant leads and more relevant connections to those prospect clients.

    Stay tuned for more news about future developments.


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  • Mobile CRM Dilemma: Innovation vs. Delivery

    According to their IPO Registration Statement, Facebook had 488 Million Active Users who logged in with mobile products in March 2012.

    Beyond the obvious WOW generated by the huge figures, the trend is obvious: earthlings have really fallen in love with their smartphones. Of course, the signs have been there all along, as The New Yorker pointed out with their disturbingly real November 2009 cover (see below), but the predictions now show that smartphones are going for global domination.

    According studies from SSI (here), or the International Telecommunications Union (here), roughly 90% or the World’s population now owns a mobile phone subscription, and smartphone sales have shown huge worldwide growth in 2011, with estimations from China and India that people over there will go ape as soon as cheaper smartphones will enter the market.

    More than this, global 3G subscription stats show an increase of 35% year on year, which should send the current 17% penetration of 3G through the roof in the months to come.

    All in all, there’s a new distribution channel out there, mobile usage this year is still bigger than web consumption, and companies are still trying to figure out what to do about it. In a show of complete transparency, Facebook admited that one of the biggest risk factors it faces comes from mobile usage (some are even speculating that they didn’t fix their faulty iPhone app because they wanted people to log in from their computers):

    Growth in use of Facebook through our mobile products, where our ability to monetize is unproven, as a substitute for use on personal computers may negatively affect our revenue and financial results.

    The same goes, more or less, for companies operating in CRM. After the huge leap from desktop customer relationship implementation to cloud systems a few years back, the mobile age is starting to shift the focus of CRM companies as we speak. And even though some feel like mobile CRM apps are slow to take off, the increase of mobile usage in the area is sort of like the sound of inevitability. The interesting fact (and the biggest opportunity) is that if the trend holds, people will not shift from web to mobile, but they will use on the go CRM solutions on top of their web time. The only issue companies will have to address asap is wether to focus first of all on innovating for the new mobile CRM delivery platform or to simply go mobile as is.

    Just like in publishing, the medium is important (print / online / smartphones or tablet apps), but content is king. In the CRM market (with Social CRM estimated by Gartner at $1 billion in 2012) content kind of equals innovation, and we’ve seen some new features from players in the market. Almost all of them revolve around Social CRM, Social CRM Engagement or simple collection of data from social networks in order to create better client social profiles.

    But in order to really take a giant leap into the Mobile Age, CRM will need to make small decisive steps in leveraging huge Big Data advantages (available NOW!) for predictive sales. What if the CRM system could suggest business based on existing clients, could monitor for connections with so far unreachable potential clients or what if it could alert instantly for unsatisfied clients?

    What if all this was available both on the web AND on mobile platforms?

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  • Meanwhile, in Google’s World…

    It’s happening now. At long last:

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  • Latest news – March 8

    Apple has finally presented the “new iPad”. It’s doesn’t have a number next to the name (3, for example), but it is an evolution of the big screen with a button that we’ve been enjoying so far. As it happens, the event yesterday was more or less the kind of “disappointment” people felt when the company introduced the iPhone 4S instead of the long expected iPhone 5. In response to everyone’s great expectations, Apple’s new iPad moves faster and introduces Retina screen while keeping performance stable and battery life close to ten hours. But the real game changing announcement is that from now on, the iPad will cost $399, making life very hard for all Android tabled producers.

    While fighting off server problems in Europe and several other countries, the company has now launched a new location Application Programming Interface which allows apps on it’s platform to tag posts with friends and places, read the location of your old posts and search for specific posts by coordinates and distance parameters. Basically, the update can pull location for your friends based on their posts from Facebook…

    Adobe released yesterday Shadow, “a new inspection and preview tool” that allows developers to remotely control and inspect Web pages in multiple phones and tablets simultaneously.

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  • Useless Information vs Trust in Sales Meetings

    A recent study from Stanford Graduate School of Business warns here that having too much (or useless) information about future negotiation partners is actually worse than having no information at all. As it turns out, the false illusion of knowing how to approach your (sales) meeting made participants 46% less likely to identify important issues in the negotiation. That’s not to say checking out people’s profiles on LinkedIn or Facebook before knowing them in real life is totally bad, but it can very well take your mind off the important issues in the game.

    So don’t go running for client intelligence in all the wrong places.

    Instead, get yourself introduced to your partners by a trusted third party. Because statistically, clients are willing to pay up to 25% more in an environment that they trust.

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  • Who’s Afraid of Losing Privacy?

    Privacy is a hot topic again these days.

    Twitter has acknowledged that after iPhone users opt to have the app search their contact list, the company stores names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers on its servers for 18 months.

    Google made Wall Street Journal’s front page on Friday, after journalists finding out that a secret code in it’s ads tricked “Apple’s Safari web-browsing software” into allowing Google to monitor what iPhone users were doing on the internet. The search giant disabled the code after receiving a call from the WSJ.

    And NYTimes.com publishes here an extensive feature on how companies learn your secrets.

    Don’t panic

    Now, before panicking, let’s take five minutes to consider some facts, in order to look at the whole picture… 

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  • Google to Launch Dropbox Rival

    There have been rumors since Thursday last week and now it seems the unstoppable rise of Cloud Computing is forcing Google to act and launch “Drive”, a service that will allow people to store and share photos, documents and videos.

    Of course, the service will have to work on all available devices from our “software shell”, including mobile phones, tablets, etc.

    Dropbox, the praised cloud storage service and one of the hottest start-ups of the past years, is certainly looking very closely at Google’s plans. It will be interesting to see how they react to the Giant’s plans.

    Via WSJ

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  • 5 (plus 2) Trends That Will Change CRM

    According to Gartner, the CRM global arena is a 10 billion euro industry, with an annual growth rate of more than 25%. In total, it is estimated that more than 1 million companies use a CRM system, which also means there is vast potential for the years to come.

    That’s a big market.

    But how will CRM look like in five years from now? Well, that’s a question for analysts to ask (check out here an interesting piece from Software Advice), and for key players or influencers to answer.

    The trends highlighted by Lauren Carlson with expert advice in the article from Software Advice relate to the following…

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  • Stop SOPA

    What are SOPA and PIPA all about?

    And why are Google, Wikipedia, Twitter, Tumblr, Wired and many others speaking against it?

    Watch this:

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