• Clintelica, National Champion at the European Business Awards

    As of late last week

    …Clintelica is National Champion at the 2012/2013 European Business Awards.

    Our business idea, which revolves around improving sales, recruiting and the quality of feedback, was filed in may 2012 under the UKTI Award for Innovation Category of the European Business Awards, the competition which has been promoting “success, innovation and ethics” in the European Business Community since 2007.

    Clintelica’s Entry form highlighted the company’s business achievements, the key strategies, tactics & the key innovations which make us unique in a very competitive environment such as cloud technology, and a select number of judges, selected based on their business experience, have considered us to be National Champion in Sweden.


    …we will go on to compete with other successful organizations also selected as National Champions across Europe. Judges will now meet in London between 3 and 7 December 2012 to deliberate and determine which of the National Champions will be selected as a recipient for the prestigious Ruban d’Honneur. Category winners will be announced on Thursday, January 10, 2013.

    Thanks to the European Business Awards for creating a fresh and innovative business competition and, most of all, congratulations to the Clintelica team!

    Our entry video for the Awards is here:


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  • The Tipping Point: Clintelica, Winner in Logica’s Swedish Inovation Contest

    Breaking news: Clintelica has just won Logica’s Swedish Innovation Contest!

    It’s true, we have won Innovation prizes before and we really hope to win many more in the months to come, but coming first in Logica’s Swedish Contest, one of the rounds of Logica’s Global Innovation Venture Partner Programme, is the kind of tipping point milestone for the history books.

    Who is Logica?

    Logica is a business and technology service company which has just been acquired by CGI. Together they have more than 72.000 employees in 40 countries. Logica provides business consulting, systems integration and outsourcing to clients around the world, and it finds ways to create value for clients by integrating people, businesses and technology.

    What is the Global Innovation Venture Programme?

    In a nutshell, the GIVP is Logica’s search for the business with the most innovative products and solution. For the fifth year in a row, Logica has opened its doors to companies from UK, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Portugal, India, Norway, Spain, Morocco, in order to partner with the world’s most forward thinking enterprises.  It just so happens that in 2012, Clintelica ended up in the spotlight and won the first prize in Sweden. The nominated companies have been judged by a Logica panel of experts. The judges have looked for the “originality of the product, the potential of the idea and whether it is aligned to Logica’s client needs”.

    Why is this award a tipping point in Clintelica’s life?

    Because of the size and scope of the programme. For Clintelica, this means the realization of a very important strategic partnership and the open road to the big competition in London, on September 11. We will now be able to access a wider audience through Logica’s global sales resources, go-to-market support and we will have opportunities to engage with client organizations where appropriate. More than this, Clintelica will most likely become a Logica suggested solution, added to its Portfolio Catalogue. In the words of Andrei Postoaca, CEO @ Clintelica:

    We are very proud to have won this year’s competition and we see tremendous potential working with Logica in the future to change the way marketing is done today. I am confident that with Logica’s technical excellence and our unique way to generate leads we will be able to change for the better the way companies around the world approach CRM systems. 

    As for Logica, the partnership with Clintelica will add the most innovative and efficient sales increase solutions to an already well proven technology package concerning cost efficiency. This is what Johan Tullberg, VP of Business Development at Logica Sweden, had to say:

    The competition is an important component to find new partners who are as committed to innovation as we are. This year we have been able to expand the number of participating countries, which testifies to the success of the competition. That’s why it is very exciting for us to announce Clintelica as this year’s winner, with their innovative service for lead generation. It will be a very strong Swedish contribution to the international finals in London, come September 11. 

    For more information on this year’s competition, click here.

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  • Clintelica, Finalist in the European Business Awards

    “…I am delighted to inform you that Clintelica has been selected as one of 15 National Finalists for Sweden in the 2012/13 European Business Awards. You competed with the best businesses in your nation to win the accolade of representing your country. Congratulations on your success!”

    It’s always good when you start the day with such news.

    The European Business Awards has been promoting “success, innovation and ethics” in the European Business Community since 2007. Engaging with more than 15.000 organizations in over 30 countries in 2011 alone, opening a wide range of awards categories and inviting a select number of judges to participate based on their experience, business acumen and expertise, have all secured the EBA a top spot in the minds of European companies seeking recognition.

    I have to say we are all excited to have gone in the next phase of the race for an European Business Award. As we speak, Clintelica is a National Finalist in the UKTI Award for Innovation category, which confirms that we are on the right track to changing sales, recruiting and networking for the years to come.

    Stay tuned for more news on Clintelica’s participation at the European Business Awards and read more about the other Awards we’ve already won.

    Click here for the complete list of finalists.

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  • Clintelica, Winner at Cloud Camp Stockholm

    That’s it. We’ve won!!!

    Clintelica is now officially the most innovative Cloud Computing idea in Sweden, as voted by the Cloud Camp Jury.

    The event held in Stockholm yesterday confirmed that we are on the right track in our efforts to use networking in order to increase the quality of sales and recruiting.

    We’ve always wondered why people winning Oscars have this tendency of thanking everyone from their mothers to their business partners, but now we understand it comes naturally. So here we are, Winners of Cloud Camp Sweden, humbly saying thanks to the team that worked so hard on this idea, to our families for the support they’ve shown, to the people at Cloud Camp for organizing a very cool unconference and, last but not least, to all the people who told us it can’t be done.

    As for the Cloud Camp movement, you might want to keep an eye on the upcoming events that have a scheduled date and location here. The “unconferences” where early adopters of Cloud Computing technologies exchange ideas are going on strong around the world and by June next year cities like Sao Paolo, Montreal or Copenhagen will have awarded prizes of their own.

    We will certainly keep an eye on #cloudcamp on twitter, simply because the organizers have shown that their mission, to provide a common ground for the introduction and advancement of cloud computing, is bringing the best the industry has to offer in one huge cloud of ideas, with links all over the world. Read more about how this works here and understand how to camp here.

    And, for those who speak Swedish or use the translate feature in Google Chrome, link here to the IDG interview about winning the first prize.

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  • Clintelica, One of the 3 Best Innovations in the Cloud

    “Congratulations, your contribution is one of the three that we nominated to present and also take home one of the slots 1, 2 or 3 in the Swedish Innovation in the Cloud.”

    By our standards, that’s not exactly a bad way to start the day.

    In short, we are thrilled to find out that the basic idea behind all the work we do here at www.clintelica.eu is gaining traction: reinventing the way sales are made is not an easy task, but we have always felt that as long you aim for the impossible, great things stand to happen.

    Basically, Cloud Camp is an unconference (a term usually associated to a wide range of participant-driven gatherings that try to avoid one or more aspects of a conventional conference). Originally started in the US, the Cloud Camp concept is now spread widely around the globe and is becoming a global meeting point for all people interested in Cloud Computing.

    It seems that over 20 contributions went into the last phase and the idea behind the Clintelica application ended up as one of the top 3 that will be presented during the event. The focus of the jury was on innovation and on the best ways to use the cloud. You can read more about the nominees here.

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