What is a Twin Client and how does this become a Feature in Clintelica’s CRM?

Well, imagine your company has just landed Volvo as a client and that the service you’re selling to them is suitable for other car manufacturers. At this point, if your sales people haven’t already made a list of related prospects yet, Clintelica’s system will analyze Volvo from a Twin Client perspective and will act as a special kind of watchlist, delivering you a list of results consisting of similar companies to Volvo from the following perspectives: industry type, activity, geographical region. These results are, in fact, hot leads, because you can access them through the company’s network of contacts.

In short, our application now helps users identify in their company network contacts prospects with a high probability to become clients. It’s like having a sales assistant with a huge memory, a huge database, huge search parameters, instant response time and no coffee break lag.

Basically, you will now have the most complete list of prospects to follow up on and you will never miss an opportunity. More than this, the Twin Client Feature comes with a cleaning functionality for the companies related to contacts from the company network. This means the system cleans company names and details by verifying all information with the Official National Database.

For the time being, this is only available for companies from Sweden and Romania and it can be done in two steps:

a. an initial automatic cleaning of all companies, replacing the company names retrieved from Social Networks with the correct officially registered company names supplied by the Registry of Commerce.

b. a label system which allows users to make the appropriate changes in case the match between the Registry of Commerce information and the names already stored in the system is not secure enough.