It was inevitable, really.

Just like CRM shifted from desktop applications to cloud a few years back, following an online trend which opened doors for huge growth in the next years, CRM analysts are now following the online in delivering their content on videos rather than text, images, infographics or presentations.

We’ve just stumbled upon CRMSoftware.TV, a comprehensive platform which brings in one place all the CRM software-related videos. Basically, here you can find out what CRM is all about, what are the differences between a sales force automation system and a full Customer Relationship Management software and, best of all, you can get up-to-date with most relevant CRM solutions available and decide which one suits your needs best, based on user friendly reviews.

Be sure to browse through all sections of the website, if you’re into CRM then it will give you a strong feeling you’re finally on the right tube. We’ve been there and we’ve also left our mark. See it here.