The title kind of eliminates the need for a proper introduction. After launching our fresh Clintelica freemium application, which helps entrepreneurs and start-up companies enjoy all benefits of a fully functional Networking, CRM & Feedback application, we tried to list other ways to connect with prospects.

So, what are the best ways to connect with people outside your own network?

1. The Cold Calling Approach

Make up a list of prospects, make some research, find out who are the decision makers, make some more research and find out their contact details, decide wether you want to reach them through e-mail or phone, then start cold calling.

Efficiency: Very Low

2. The Business Meeting Type Approach

Make up a list of prospects, make some research on which business groups better in your city fit your business expectations, find out how much you have to pay to get in and then join the group and start networking in person. Some say it helps if you’ve ever participated in any kind of AA meeting beforehand, as the usual intro is: “Hi, my name is Dave and I sell biscuits. Today I’m interested in connecting with key buyers in supermarkets.”

Efficiency: Higher than cold calling, but time consuming

3. The Social Networking Approach

Make up your list of prospects, go online and use existing and successful social networks to start interacting.

Basically, all social networks these days revolve around the individual an his own network, and any kind of effort and time you put in socializing online can pay off, eventually. You just have to do it wisely and pursue your goal. For example, you could start by reading this kind of advice (good find by Robert Clay at Marketing Wisdom).

Alternatively, you could try our way:

4. The Clintelica Way

As opposed to the above, we:

- give sales people the chance to avoid cold calling and reach prospects through connections

- save time by giving sales people the opportunity to search though a huge database of people and create watchlists for people they want to reach

- shift the social perspective from the individual to the power of a company’s social capital


a) make a list of prospects

b) set up a free account on Clintelica

c) download your company’s overall e-mail and social networking contacts & upload your prospect list

d) let the Predictive CRM system work it’s magic, crosscheck your contact database & prospect list for connections, follow up on all resulting leads and close deals through networking!

Clintelica uses patented innovative ideas to help companies get new clients through intelligent networking and Predictive CRM, manage & improve existing clients through relevant CRM solutions and improve existing business relationships through instant client feedback.

Today, we have released a Freemium version of our application, which gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to use all of our innovative features for free, for up to 3 users per company. More than this, we also offer a complete database of all companies in Sweden and Romania, as part of the CRM functionality. 

Just register on and tell us what you think!