Clintelica’s patent claim on the network management solution it offers has been approved by the USPTO.

Obviously, this comes as very exciting news for the whole Clintelica team, who has been working hard on all fronts to ensure the application is not only a fully functional, useful and productive tool for companies all over the world, but also unique.

The decision made by the US Patent and Trademark Office comes as confirmation that the ideas behind our contact management application are proper innovations. Basically, the USPTO has responded positively to our list of claims for patent:

- an application for managing and sharing electronic contacts (coming from external social networks, address book of e-mail accounts, mobile phones, business applications or other contact databases) of users of a group

- the processes of gathering, merging and sharing the contacts of users of a group

- the processes of searching and keeping active searches on specific terms in relation to these contacts

Of course, this gives us fuel to work on further developments to the application, which at this moment helps businesses all over the world not only to increase sales by selling through the innovative (and now patented) networking module, but also manage clients through Predictive CRM and keep clients happy through a Feedback Management System.

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