“…I am delighted to inform you that Clintelica has been selected as one of 15 National Finalists for Sweden in the 2012/13 European Business Awards. You competed with the best businesses in your nation to win the accolade of representing your country. Congratulations on your success!”

It’s always good when you start the day with such news.

The European Business Awards has been promoting “success, innovation and ethics” in the European Business Community since 2007. Engaging with more than 15.000 organizations in over 30 countries in 2011 alone, opening a wide range of awards categories and inviting a select number of judges to participate based on their experience, business acumen and expertise, have all secured the EBA a top spot in the minds of European companies seeking recognition.

I have to say we are all excited to have gone in the next phase of the race for an European Business Award. As we speak, Clintelica is a National Finalist in the UKTI Award for Innovation category, which confirms that we are on the right track to changing sales, recruiting and networking for the years to come.

Stay tuned for more news on Clintelica’s participation at the European Business Awards and read more about the other Awards we’ve already won.

Click here for the complete list of finalists.