The long lasting debate over Social Media at work just got fueled. Again.

Yet another study by Cisco revealed that “56% of twentysomethings would refuse to work in a job denying them access to social media or would attempt to sidestep the rule”. More than this, one in three respondents ranked social media access on the job as more important than salary and according to another study, 46 percent of teenagers aged 18 to 24 prefer Internet access to having their own automobile.

Now, these findings sound like huge alarms all over the world. Pessimists are already heralding the end of the world “as we know it”, teachers will probably try to ban smartphones from classes and automakers will have to try and change the 100 year-old concept of delivering to people some metal on rubber wheels. If they want to keep up productivity and sell cars to young people, they will have to deliver them a whole new experience, one that integrates the natural movement from A to B with every other gadget out there.

And even though Social Media, mobile phones & tablets might spell “the end of the world” for many, probably the best way to deal with this is “keep calm and carry on”. Ok, the world is changing. But is that a reason to panic? Did we get to where we are now by stopping engineers develop the steam engine? Or did we (presumably) reach the Moon because we stopped dreaming?

No, we are where we are now not only because the world is changing every minute, but because changing the world revolves around us. Saying that Social Media is an Evil Drug, that it got us addicted and that our lives will be over because of it is like admitting our brain function is dead.

Because even if Social Media was be Evil, we’d still have a choice not to use it.

In fact, Social Media is a tool. It’s up to us how we use it. Using it properly will pay off, in the end, be it for businesses or friends. And if anyone is worried about people wasting time on Social Media, remember this: they would have wasted that time any other way.

So keep calm and keep posting. Just remember to strengthen your network, while you do it.


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