Our platform just got a whole lot better, with the introduction of Newsfeed.

One small step for Clintelica, one huge step for CRM programs, one of our clients said today, while checking out the latest feature we’ve implemented to our application.

What’s the story behind it? Simple.

Basically, CRM Systems make a company work because they are able to store, process, deal and do whatever it takes with a huge amount of information. The integration of such a system with a Networking Module (described here) is already changing the way people react and think about Sales as a company strategy, but because we’re the kind of natural born tweakers (tweaking =  constantly improving) that never stop, we’ve come up with Newsfeed and implemented it to our Network CRM application.

What Newsfeed does is that it pushes information to the user or group in such a way that it becomes very easy to access it. One of the major issues with traditional CRM Systems is that they deal with a lot of information, but this information is not easily accessible. We’ve developed Newsfeed as a sort of a homepage to the whole CRM system which enables friendly access to whatever happened in the CRM System since the last log in. Basically, all the steps a user takes in the Network CRM application generate a post in the Newsfeed, so that all people involved in a project will have access to that information.

Ok, Newsfeed won’t be replacing Facebook anytime soon, but it will certainly become the best homepage to open in the morning productivity wise. And as long as we manage to make our Network CRM System more and more user friendly, we’re confident the users will be happy too.

Here’s how it looks: