Innovation doesn’t come cheap, and it looks like the most valuable resource you have to use in order to find truly great ideas is… time. Work time, that is, of course.

As copyblogger argues here, the process might just be as important as the end result.

So, while we think of ideas to make our application better and better, some end up with our development department. This month, it looks like we’re working on three major updates concerning both the Networking and CRM modules.

1. Network Module: Business Network Sharing

Ok, so we’ve already implemented the patent pending process of sharing your connections within your company’s network, but how about going another step further and giving you the possibility to manage and share these connections in the Clintelica application with other business or professional groups?

In our next update, if you are part of a business networking group, you will be able not only to download and share your connections with other people in your company, but also with members of your networking group. The main goal behind this is to increase exponentially the quantity and the quality of the resulting network.

As always, the user is the only one in charge with the management of his own connections. Any user can decide which contacts to share in the network.

2. Documents Management

Currently, our application gives users the possibility to upload, share, search by keywords and download documents associated with tasks and sales offer, but the Documents Management updates mean that very soon users will be able to also upload and manage inside the application documents associated with clients, prospect companies or contacts.

3. E-Sign: Electronic Signature for Your Documents

The E-Sign update is one of those features that will save a lot of time. Electronic signature for documents and contracts means that, after closing a sale, users will be able to upload the contract and e-mail address of the business partner in the dedicated E-Sign section. This will automatically send an e-mail with the contract to the recipients involved. Consequently, they will be able to electronically sign the contract via e-mail, in the most secure possible way. In the end, the user gets a notification once the people involved have signed, and the signed contract / document associated with the respective sale will also be available for download from the Clintelica Network CRM application.


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