Being we are who we are, it’s only fair that each time a new social media platform is launched, we immediately go for the early adopter strategy of digging in with both hands.

These days, Proliphiq is out. At least, a beta-test. By all accounts, this is a new social media tool that wants not only to provide credible sources of news and information to the users, but eventually to become such a source in itself. Basically, from what we understand, all users within the network will be empowered to follow friends, scroll through topics most popular on the platform, create “saved sets” of people or topics, interact, review and rate other users.

Of course there are other such platforms of delivering information and artificially setting influence ranks, but Proliphiq says it’s ranking system is based on engagement, credibility and audience.

Now, of course this all sounds good and once you hear the news, the first thing you wanna do – as a very well connected individual – is to try it out.

There’s only one problem. Once you get to Proliphiq’s home page and sign up to get access, you don’t actually get access. You only get a “thank you for your interest note”, plus a message that borders “marketing genius”: “Want to get an early invitation? The more friends you invite, the sooner you’ll get access!”.

But I wonder. How can I “recommend” on Facebook or “tweet” on Twitter a product I haven’t yet tested?

via TheNextWeb

Update 08.09.2011:

In a pleasant surprise, Proliphiq changed the messaging for registrations and informed us about it in an e-mail earlier today: “The site is taking pre-registrations to get access prior to the launch day, and language about inviting other friends to get an early invite has been removed.” (see below)