We all know social networks. Be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, MySpace or Google+, if you’ve managed to use Internet long enough to have your own e-mail account, then you’re bound to have been touched by the wonders of social media in one way or another.

I’m sure back in 2004 or 2005, when people started receiving countless e-mails with “Someone invited you to join Facebook” in the Subject line, no one actually clicked yes until “the someone” turned out to be some long lost love from high school. In fact, since social networking was invented, you have increased the time you spend online, on average, with an hour a day, you have increased your chances of getting a job by 30% and you have given in to your voyeuristic instincts… totally. That’s only a guess, of course.

Now, real, accurate data says that we have now reached a point where 90% of all Internet users know at least one social network, and 72% of Internet users worldwide are active on at least one social networking website. (Study by Online Media Gazette). 43% of Internet users worldwide interact with social media on a daily basis, according to TNS, and social media connected people have 195 friends on average.

As it stands, being connected to people online has changed the way we spend our time online, has changed the way we interact, the way we buy stuff, it has practically changed everything around us. And now, we believe, without them even knowing it, Social Networking websites will also change the way companies will look at sales. How’s that? Simple. Imagine never having to make (or, better said, never having to try and make) a cold call sale, ever again. Not only would the percentage of happy people on the planet increase by double digits (we are all sales men, at some point) but the rate of success would increase exponentially.

We, at Clintelica, have come up with this idea of gathering the overall social networking connections of all the employees in a company into one searchable database, in order to generate new leads and better quality recruitment. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. More than this, we have combined this with a powerful CRM tool and a Feedback module so that the end result is a web based platform designed to smooth the way for companies to interact with new clients and change the way customers are handled all throughout the relationship. Unlike some people, we don’t feel divorce is the secret to a happy marriage. I’m not going to turn a stuffy Keynote presentation into a blog post here, because if you’re hooked you’ll check out clintelica.com or e-mail me. But I am going to say this: we feel that if handled with care, any customer can be turned into a follower.

This company is about connecting people (sorry, Nokia, it’s true), and this blog is about all things social media, CRM, digital, technology, online PR & communications, you name it. Hope you like it.