Technology & Security

Server hosting

Clintelica uses one of the most well-renowned server hosts in Germany to host your data, offering a 100% Cisco Powered Network built on hardened routers ensuring maximum security protection. All systems and hardware are constantly monitored and updated by certified technology specialists, available 24/7/365. 

This enables us to guarantee protection in all stages from infrastructure through networks, hardware, applications, security patching to threat analysis.


A concept coined in 2000, SaaS or “software as a service” is a model of software deployment. As a provider, Clintelica licenses an application to customers for use as a service on demand.


Security has always been paramount in developing our applications. Keeping our customer’s data safe is one of our highest priorities and we are constantly applying the latest security recommendations on the market.
ISO 9011 & ISO 27001 certifications insure the proper management of data.

System security

The Clintelica applications are only accessible after login using a system generated, unique user name and password.

For security reasons, the passwords are being generated using special password generation policies. Furthermore, inner application role definitions prevent unauthorized users to access sensitive data.

The data is being stored into the database in an encrypted format so that it cannot be used without applying the decryption formulas.

Unintended data loss is avoided by making the system aware of the user’s inactivity sessions, that is, if a certain user performs no action for more than 20 minutes, the system will automatically log-out. Performing a new action will require login again. 
This way the system prevents one from leaving sensitive data unsupervised.

The application has a refined daily back-up system that stores data in cases of interruptions in the program.

Clintelica’s applications are protected by the best firewalls and DMZ’s systems on the market. The finest virus protection solutions help secure the data from external intrusion.