Clintelica is a consultancy and software company that delivers business intelligence.

Our focus is to offer businesses software solutions that improve the efficiency of the organization.
We believe that having the right information at the right time is key to any enterprise.

Our products and services are aimed for improving the activity of Client Service/Customer Care, Sales and HR teams.

  • Swedish company founded in 2010, with offices in Sweden and Romania
  • comprises 34 professionals with various backgrounds and experiences: sales, business development, new product development, IT & software development, recruitment, operations & implementations, online operations.


Oxojob Business
Improve your sales and recruitment tactics by understanding the labor market: view all the jobs from more than 1000 websites.
Customer Relationship

Customer Relationship
Take advantage of intelligent features that push relevant information to CRM users in order to deliver the best possible customer experience.
Feedback Management

Feedback Management
Feedback improves relationships with your customers, but instant feedback means you can solve client problems instantly.